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  • Rebecca Barlow

Preparing your Photos for Scanning

  • Be sure to wear cotton or nitrile gloves when going through pictures, slides and negatives.

  • Remove tape and/or place a divider between sticky photos so they don’t stick to each other.

  • Remove photos from albums that you’d like us to scan. For those tricky sticky albums, we can do this step for you, especially if you think removing them might cause damage to the photos.

  • If your photos are dirty or dusty, use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the photos.

  • Use a 4×6 index card or paper to divide and label your groups of photos. We will use this information to create your digital folders and name your digital files.

  • Place your photos in a shoebox or other temporary container for transfer. This will also help you gauge how many photos you’ve got — (A one inch stack equals approximately 100 photos).

  • Schedule a pick up appointment with us.

KyBec Tech is also a Photo Concierge that will prepare your photos for scanning, if you prefer.

Things to consider/decide:

  • Would you like us to digitize the backs of photos with handwriting, date stamps or other information?

  • Would you like us to organize your scanned photos into archival boxes?

  • If there are any photos that require special handling or that you’d like additional restoration work, isolate those and let’s discuss.

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