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What is a Photo Manager?

KyBec Tech is a women owned business that specializes in helping individuals or businesses manage, sort, and organize their photo collections. We offer expertise in preserving, consolidating, and organizing photographs in both physical and digital formats.  Here are a few reasons why you might consider when hiring KyBec Tech.

  1. Time-saving: Organizing a large collection of photos can be a time-consuming task. A photo organizer can really do this efficiently because we streamline the process and use our knowledge and experience to efficiently categorize and label your photos.  We save you time and effort, and bring a sense of peace to the entire process as you know your images are safe, being backed up, organized and will be delivered to you organized and so you can find anything you want.

  2. Expertise in organization techniques: KyBec Tech will help you implement effective organization systems. We develop a customized organizational structure that is designed for you and suits your needs, whether it's based on dates, events, people, or other criteria. As a part of our process, we also assist in creating metadata or tags to make searching and retrieval easier.

  3. Preservation and protection: Your photos are susceptible to damage and degradation over time whether it be because of moisture, heat, and non-archival storage.  Our photo organizers provide guidance on proper storage methods; we recommend archival materials, and educate you on these choices so moving forward you can know what to look for.  Our photo organizers also help digitize physical photos to ensure their long-term preservation for your ancestors. We have successful backup strategies that we implement for digital collections to protect against data loss.

  4. Enhanced accessibility: By organizing your photos, our professional managers can make it easier to find and enjoy your memories which is so fun for the kids! We create digital albums and slideshows, design photo books, or set up online galleries, making it simple for you to relive your favorite moments and share them with others which is really the best reason we want to do this- you want to tell your story.

  5. Consolidation and de-duplication: If you have photos scattered across various devices, platforms, or physical albums, our photo organizers can bring everything together into a unified collection. We identify and remove duplicate or similar images, which frees up storage space and reduces clutter, which feels great.

  6. Customized solutions: KyBec Tech works closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences. We tailor our plan to align with your goals and help you achieve the desired outcome for your photo collection. It will be one of the best investment you will make.


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