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Preserve Your Most Cherished Memories

How it Works

How it Works

Step 01


Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your project and get a personalized quote. We'll take the time to understand your needs and work with you to provide a detailed plan for showcasing and preserving your cherished memories.

Step 02

Digitization & Organization

Our team of experts will digitize your photos and memorabilia, and organize them into a customized digital library that is easy to navigate and search. We'll work with you to ensure that everything is organized exactly how you want it.

Step 03

Customization & Enhancement

Once your photos and memorabilia are digitized and organized, we'll work with you to customize and enhance them to your specifications. Whether you want to create a customized photo album or digital slideshow, add captions and/or metadata, or retouch your photos, we'll make it happen.

Step 04

Enjoy Your Memories

Whether your needs are organizing your photo prints, digital photo management, backup solutions, quality printing, photo album design, slide show projects or all of the above, we'll make sure we deliver all your projects with the utmost care and professionalism. And we don't stop there.  We will check in with you from time to time to make sure things are running smoothly.   We will also be available to you for ongoing consultations on how to stay organized, any additional photo projects, regular checkups and more. 



Do I need to take my photos out of the albums?

No.  In fact, we’d prefer if you didn’t! It helps maintain their safety on the way to our studios and it preserves your preferred chronology of those items.  We will carefully remove them from the albums and either provide you with archival boxes or another archival album (both acid-free) that will help preserve your photos for generations to come


Do you do scrapbooks? 

Yes, we do.  We do not disassemble scrapbooks, though.  Unless you want us to.  We have top of the line camera scanning equipment and we can scan the page as a whole, or zero in on each entry separately - however you’d like to remember your scrapbook.  We then provide you with an archival bag to safely store your book, while being able to view pages digitally any time you’d like.


I have the first years of all my kids’ lives in photographs, both printed and on my phone.  Can I make them each a separate scrapbook or photo album?

Absolutely! We can easily scan those print photos, tag each child’s face for recognition, and compile them into collections which we can then make into a print album.  Additionally, we will save them all using our 3-2-1 method of protecting your digital photos (3 copies of your photos on two different media, with one off-site)


Do you deal with pictures from Android devices?

Yes! We can access pictures from your iPhone, Android & Windows phones; PCs or Apple computers.  Most people have pictures across multiple devices.  We will compile all and save them all using our 3-2-1 method of protecting your digital photos (3 copies of your photos on two different media, with one off-site)


What if I want to join my husband’s and my picture collections?

We can do that, too.  We collect the data off of multiple devices and back it up for you using our 3-2-1 method (3 copies of your photos on two different media, with one off-site).  


What service do you use for storage and backup? 

We work with you to determine what’s best for how you intend to use your pictures.  Two of our partners are Mylio and Forever, and they are industry leaders in managing your photos and allowing you to search using multiple criteria (faces, GPS coordinates, searching on tags and elements within the photo)  And we always suggest backing up your data using the 3-2-1 method (3 copies of your photos on two different media, with one off-site) to ensure it’s safe and retrievable in a disaster situation, natural or technological.  


Do I have to do everything all at once?

Heck, no! We help you to structure your projects at your own pace.  Whether you’re working within a budget, or simply feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of photos you have, we can help you prioritize your projects.


I have photos on Google Photos, the cloud and old laptop computers.  Can you help me?

It depends.  If we can access your old computers and see your photo files, then yes, we can help!  

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Our Offerings

We offer comprehensive solutions to help you preserve your most cherished memories. Our packages are tailored to your unique needs and include everything you need to digitize, organize, and manage your photos and memorabilia.

Photo Organizing

Do you have thousands of photos stored in boxes on shelves, in photo albums, or on multiple tech devices and have no idea where to start organizing them? We've been there. That’s why KyBec Tech specializes in photo sorting and organizing. Our team has the expertise to help you sort through your collection, weed out the duplicates and the poor quality photos, and preserve your most meaningful moments. We offer acid-free storage solutions to ensure your photos maintain their quality even over time.

Digital Library Creation

Along with those boxes of photos, do you have old slides in carousels?  Envelopes full of negatives? We can take care of that! We specialize in digitization of photos, slides, negatives and other memorabilia.  We'll create a custom digital library for you, complete with as much metadata tagging as is possible,  and organize it chronologically or thematically (or a little of both) and provide a digital library that is both accessible and searchable.

Customized Photo Album

Have you ever wanted to display your themed pictures in a book? We can help with that, too, with customized photo album designs up to 100 pages. Our experts will help you select the best photos to fill the pages of your personally curated album. Whether you like to capture travel memories, photos by the year, or special anniversaries, birthdays, or other memorable events, we can help you display your best memories in a bound book you can cherish, or gift to a loved one.

Fancy Gift Box
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