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Our Story

We are Becky Barlow and Kyle McGowan and we started out many decades ago as childhood friends.  Best gal pals.  Back when film cameras were a thing, a three-pack of flash cubes were $1.80, and there was a Fotomat drive-up kiosk in every shopping center parking lot.  


We have a combined technology background of over 40 years, in both data handling and software implementations.  The photo part comes in with passion.  Both of us have worked on family legacy projects that have unearthed an enthusiasm for organizing and curating collections of ancestral memorabilia --  pictures, albums, scrapbooks, letters, kid’s artwork and all kinds of collectables.


We also have a love of taking photos on a daily basis.  Family photos, vacation photos, photos of daily activities, pets, sporting events,  screenshots and more; landing us in the neighborhood of a combined digital album of over 100,000 photos.  Wow! That’s a lot!  We needed to find a way to harness the mass computer chaos and rein it in.   So we did.  We now can search our vast array of photos (much less now that we’ve culled our respective collections by reducing similar and duplicate photos, blurry photos, or photos we have no idea what they are or why we took them.  Yes, we had them, too!). Looking for great Aunt Mabel? Got 20 pics of her.  Looking for pictures of wine bottles?  Got plenty of them, too.  Looking for pictures of a beach?  Wow! Loads of ‘em (we love our Jersey Shore weekends!) We’ve been there.  We know what it’s like.  Now we want to help you! So let us take you on that same healing journey and get your photos in order so that you (and people in the future) can enjoy them, too.  

KyBec Tech, LLC, is a wholly women-owned and operated business.

Becky and Kyle, your Professional Photo Managers

Our Mission

At KyBec Tech, we understand that your memories are valuable. We provide high-quality and personalized services to help you organize and manage your most important memories. Our mission is to help you enjoy your family's history for generations to come. Let us help you preserve and protect your memories in a way that is soulful and timeless.

Happy Family
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